For several years now, an idea has been growing in France and around the world: the idea of Responsible Consumption. We are witnessing a global rise in awareness:

« We can no longer, today, consume as we did yesterday ».
Our daily consumption impacts our planet, our economy and our health.


Many “more responsible” behaviors are becoming part of our daily routine, such as :

  • Limiting energy consumption (electricity, water…)
  • Waste sorting
  • Eating healthier (organic, pesticide-free…)

What if the future also depended on your fashion choices ?

At MADOAK, we understand how important it is to express one’s personality through dressing style, but why should this be at the expense of the Planet, Humans and Animals?

So we started looking for more ethical alternatives and…it led us to Portugal !
This country abounds in cork oak forests and the know-how of cork leather goods production has been passed down for generations.

We met with plenty of craftsmen in search of those who are exceptional and passionate about creating new models in line with current trends. They bring a « more modern» image to cork leather goods, completely different from what can be found on Portuguese street corners.

And that’s when we fell for cork accessories ! This soft, durable, lightweight and waterproof material can be worked in many different ways.

Learn more about Cork properties

The style possibilities are endless… After much effort, we selected the best models with remarkable quality and fine finishes. These unique accessories will be the perfect complement to your outfits.

We offer you a wide range of styles so that you can achieve a variety of looks: from bohemian to sophisticated including casual chic, so why deprive yourself ?

«For a better balance between humans and their Environment, let’s contribute together to the protection of animals and cork oak forests, to the preservation of Portuguese employements and to the development of responsible and sustainable fashion. »

Mélanie DURAND, Fonder of MADOAK.